15 Nobu Chefs Bringing You
The Best Nobu Experiences From Around The World
Very few people can say they’ve dined at all Nobu restaurants around the world.
Even fewer can say they’ve seen them creating their masterpieces. Be a witness to culinary history in the
making as Nobu’s exceptionally talented chefs come together at Atlantis for an unforgettable
weekend of delicious indulgence.
Chef Herve
Nobu Dubai
Chef Herve was part of the pre-opening team of Nobu Atlantis and is currently the restaurant’s Head Chef. His dynamic culinary career includes experience in France, Belgium, Moscow and Turkey.

Chef Thomas
Nobu Miami
Nobu’s Corporate Executive Chef Thomas Buckley is renowned for his masterful technique, innovative recipes and ability to create unparalleled culinary works of art. He also travels extensively to oversee more than 20 Nobu locations around the world.
Chef Mark
Nobu London
Chef Mark trained in California before teaming up with Nobu Matsuhisa to open a Nobu restaurant on London’s Park Lane in 1997. He is one of the most respected and recognised chefs in the UK. As Head Chef, he obtained a Michelin star for Nobu London in 1998.
Chef Gregorio
Nobu Malibu
Chef Gregorio has been the Executive Chef at Nobu Malibu since its opening in 1999. His expertise in Italian cuisine combined with Nobu’s “New Style” Japanese has allowed him to create dishes that keep Nobu Malibu buzzing all year round.
Chef Andrew
Nobu Doha
Chef Andrew’s initial culinary journey took off in Dubai. He worked at Nobu Dubai at Atlantis for a few years before heading to Doha to work at the Nobu restaurant as Head Chef.

Chef Wada
Nobu Tokyo
Trained at Tokyo’s renowned Tsuji Culinary Institute and with a graduation from their Paris school, Chef Wada has worked in the prestigious Mutekiro in Motomachi as well as Nobu Paris. He has since continued working with Nobu at the Tokyo restaurant, eventually taking charge of their kitchen in 2006.
Chef Leif
Nobu Perth
Chef Leif is a seasoned Nobu chef with experience in the Bahamas and Miami restaurants. As Head Chef at Nobu Perth, he has been attracting the city’s A-list clientele with an exciting menu featuring fusion dishes made using the local produce.
Chef Antonio
Nobu Milan
With experience from Nobu Moscow under his belt, Chef Antonio is now heading the kitchen at Nobu Milan with much success. His understanding of Nobu’s style of cuisine is appreciated by the city’s local celebrities as well as its fashion elite.
Chef Damien
Nobu Moscow
Originally from France, Chef Damien has a remarkable background working in Michelin-starred restaurants in both Cannes and London. He has since then worked under Chef Herve at Nobu Dubai for 3 years before joining Nobu Moscow as the Head Chef.
Chef Jerome
Nobu Monaco
As Head Chef at Nobu Monaco, Chef Jerome recreates Nobu’s signature cuisine for Monte Carlo’s royalty and elite residents. His association with Nobu goes back a long time with experience in Nobu Athens and Nobu Perth.
Chef Tony
Nobu Mykonos (Matsuhisa)
Chef Tony began working with Nobu in 2005 with experience in Nobu London’s Park Lane and Berkeley St. restaurants and in Nobu St. Moritz. He is now at Matsuhisa Mykonos where his innovative dishes created using local Greek ingredients have been well received.
Chef Dil
Nobu Capetown
Chef Dil Tamang started his training as a chef in his native Nepal. Here he learnt the art of balancing flavors in Asian cuisine. He continued his training with a stint in Nobu Dubai before joining Nobu Cape Town in 2013 as Head Chef.
Chef Nishimura
Nobu Budapest
Nobu Melbourne
Nobu Athens (Matsuhisa)