Taste the Global Flavours of Nobu

Nobu restaurants worldwide are renowned for their fusion cuisine. At World of Nobu,
Japanese classics are redefined with unexpected yet delicious South American influences.
Each dish is nothing less than a masterpiece of flavours derived from the freshest of ingredients.
Finely sliced yellowtail dipped in garlic and topped with
slices of jalapeno and cilantro with a side of yuzu soy sauce.
Rolls of king crab wrapped with
Japanese white radish and topped with wild salmon roe.
Quick-seared salmon sliced and drizzled with
warm salsa and garnished with Japanese basil.
Black cod marinated in mirin, sake and miso sauce
and garnished with grated hajikami ginger.
Freshly sauteed foie gras drizzled over with
mustard miso sauce and encased in fried pumpkin chips.
Salmon marinated in rice wine vinegar and soy sauce
and served with warm Asian tacos.
Pan-fried sea bass served on top of seaweed broth
and balanced with a flavorful Ponzu dressing.
Lightly seared tuna served rare with rolled salad
and Chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s signature dressing.
Crisp fried sweet potato chips topped with
seared foie gras and tangy yuzu chutney.
Broiled tuna wrapped around lolla rosa lettuce,
skewered and topped with caviar.
Stir-fried shrimp and julienned zucchini
sprinkled with dry miso flakes.
Seared salmon dressed with a truffle ponzu sauce
and spicy wasabi salsa.
Sea bass brushed and grilled with virgin olive oil
and served with hot jalapeño sauce.
Glistening teriyaki sauce poured over thinly sliced tender Wagyu beef.